Stay Home and Play With Me: Masks for Barbie & Friends

The girls were playing Barbie/Disney Princess dolls recently. The dolls were having a big party in the Dream House to say goodbye before they had to “stay home forever because of Coronavirus.”

Whoa… some big stuff to unpack there.

I’ve been making masks to donate and of course the whole YouTube mask thing, so the girls asked me if I could make masks for their dolls, too. Sure. If some quick and easy masks are going to help them work through their emotions, then count me in!

I made the pattern (above) and the video (below)

Toys highlighted in video: Kristoff (original ) (newer version ), Pocahontas , Dentist Barbie , Barbie Ambulance/Care Clinic

Stay Home and Read With Me – A Tale of Two Beasts

Read along with my daughter as she reads one of her favorite picture books.

What an enjoyable book that examines the same situation from two very different perspectives! Sk8rGrl did a great job reading! #ProudMama 😊

This video is posted on my channel too @ QueenMomMe . We didn’t know it at the time, but it’s the first in a series the girls and I are calling Stay Home and Play With Me. More on that later…